Monday, April 14, 2008

Well we made it through this weekend. With Justin gone and a wedding to go to. It all was very hectic. First off my poor friend. It snowed on her wedding day :( and on Friday Hy-Vee called and said the lady who was going to make her cake no longer works there and they didn't know what her cake was even supposed to look like! AND The groomsmen and groom went to pick up their tux's and NONE of them fit. Some were too long, some were not the same tux and some didn't have the right vest! But after everything the wedding still went on and it was beautiful. Here are some pics.
This is me before the wedding.

This is the bride Melissa and me.

This is my friend Julie and me.
We had fun. I had to be at the church at 1:30 to take pictures so my mom and Julie stayed with the kids and got them ready. They brought them to the church and sat with them during the ceremony. They were SO good! Not a peep out of anyone! But there was another kid there that screamed almost the whole time and afterwards everyone came over and asked if it was my babies who were screaming! I was like NO. It wasn't my good babies crying. They were good! Anyways- after the ceremony my mom and Julie took the babies to my aunt's house for a while. I had to go straight to the reception because they were announcing us in. We had planned on taking the babies to the reception but it was VERY cold and I thought there were too many people and it would have been too loud for them. I only stayed there until 10. I missed my babies.
On Sunday, Justin had told me that his plane was to arrive at 4:15. So I of course get there early because I figure I would have to find somewhere to park. My mom suggested that I go and just drive around until I see Justin standing outside waiting for me. I almost did that but for some reason I got out and went in. It's a good thing I did too! I looked at the arrival board and his plane was delayed until 5:00! So I got there around 3:50 and had to wait until 5:00. Luckily, there was a Starbucks right next to his gate. So I had myself a little break, people watched and drank a mocha frappacino! Yum! I was so glad to have him home. They made him work all day Friday (each day 12 hours) all day Saturday and then he flew home on Sunday and had to go to work today and work 8 1/2 hours! geeze. Well since the kids are asleep I think I will use this quiet opportunity to take a shower!
Catch ya on the flip side!

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