Saturday, July 3, 2010

Why, hello!

I've been trying to keep up with the blog (really, I have) but there just isn't much to say these days. The kids are going to school, the girls are getting therapy and things are just the same week after week.

Ayva is doing well. She is off the Depakote now and seems to be doing great off of it (knock on wood). She has another follow up EEG in August- just to see if things are staying the same. She's being so good and sweet (when she's not fussy ;)) and she seems to be happier every day.

Anna is weaning off the Topamax. So far it's going well. She is working SO hard on walking! She is really trying and I'm so proud of her! Her pool PT gave us some bands for her legs to try and help w/ her knees hyper-extending so much.
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Justin is.........Justin. His potty training is going GREAT!! He very rarely has accidents. He is talking so much and in big boy sentences! He's learning about EVERYTHING! Like tonight, I told him he either had to pick up his toys or he was going to bed, and he said to me "Go to the corner?" He would have rather sat in the corner than picked up his toys....naughty.

Here are some pics of the kids in their USA parade at school and a few videos of them also!
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I do just want to say she is doing REALLY well in her walker, but by the time I got this video they had already gone around the halls once and this was her second time around and got tired. (and yes, that is Ayva asleep)

And here are just a few pics off my phone :)
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