Friday, April 11, 2008

I just thought I would let everyone know that poop is nasty! Especially when your son has a major blowout in his bouncy seat. And it is SO bad that he actually needs a bath because he is so filthy! That happened to me today. I was trying to clean the house while everyone was asleep and then little Justin starts crying. He only cries when he needs his diaper changed or he is hungry. And when I picked him up- UGH!! Nasty. That is the only word for it. N-A-S-T-Y! SO I had to stop what I was doing, give him a bath and clean up his bouncy seat! Yuck. I wonder why diapers work sometimes and don't other times?

I was going to give them all a bath tomorrow but I guess this works out too. Now I can just give the girls a bath and not Justin. We had fun splashing in the water and taking our time with the bath. Justin loves taking a bath. He just kicks his little feet and smiles and coos!

Isn't he cute?


Ashhog said...

Hey there! Your babies are adorable. I have twin boys who were also born on Nov 15th! Small World! :)

Harris Boys said...

aww...just Justin is can you get upset about a poopy diaper when you look at him...just adorable!