Saturday, September 27, 2008


Everyone has teeth now!!! Last week I was watching Anna's tooth to see when it was going to come through. I could kind of feel it, but couldn't see it. Now today, AYVA is the one who has a tooth!! Hers is out and white, and sharp! She also has the one right beside it coming through also! Justin isn't too far behind, his is maybe a day away from being out and visible. My guess would have been Anna to get the first tooth, but I was totally wrong. I guess my middle child, Ayva, had to be first at something. Anna was born first, Justin crawled, talked and is cruising first, and little pumpkin Ayva, had the very "first" tooth!! Good for her! I will try to take pictures of them, but it has been proven very difficult. Coming along with those teeth are a bunch of BITERS!! All they do is bite stuff~ People's fingers, their own hands, each others hands (and feet), their clothes, blankets, their spoons. Ayva's tooth is SHARP! It really hurts when she bites you!!! She acts all innocent, like she won't bite you and then-BAM- she's clamped down on your finger and won't let go! It's like the pincher of a lobster or something!! I will try to get her on video doing that- it so funny (unless it's you she's biting)!

And now it's time for some random cuteness:
Justin trying to feed himself.
Justin standing up all by himself.




Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What's new...

Justin is cruising! YAY. He finally learned how to stand up to the couch and walk along to get to the other side of the couch!

Also, ANNA is getting her first tooth!!! I can't see it yet, but I sure can feel it!

Last weekend, my mom, the babies and I went on a road trip to Branson. The ride there was FANTASTIC, everyone pretty much slept the whole way- but the ride back was difficult. Everyone pretty much cried the whole way and I pretty much rode turned around holding paci's the whole way. We had fun, though. Here are some pics...

Ayva sleeping with her lovie-bear.

My mom and me in the car.

My aunt Debbie with Justin.My cousin Ashley with Anna.Me and Ayva.
This is Ayva sleeping in the hotel. She was exhausted and almost NEVER sleeps on her back like this.

And on Monday, my grandpa and grandma and aunt came to see the babies. My aunt lives in CO and she hadn't seen them yet.

Here is my grandpa and Justin- Don't they look alike?? Both bald... It was so funny- I was wondering who he reminded me of, and when my grandpa took his hat off, I just started laughing!

This is my aunt suzie and all three of the babies.

This is one of all the babies and their great-grandparents.

My grandpa with both of the girls.

Another one of my grandpa with Justin.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy News...

We had another doctor follow-up appointment today and the results of Anna's MRI are good. There is really no reason other than being born premature that she is having the seizures. She will grow out of them (she is already seizure free, but she won't have to take the medicine forever) and she will be able to learn and talk and walk and play- it will just take her a little longer b/c the seizures made all the progress that she had made go away. It will just take time.

As for Ayva, her EEG was better than before but she is still having seizures. The Dr. added another medicine and we are taking her off of one. He has high hopes that this medicine will do the trick for Ayva and she will be seizure free- his guess was 3 weeks or so. We are so excited and can't wait for them both to be healthy, growing and catching up with Justin!

I've got some pictures to show you of us out in the backyard and a funny video of Justin-




Ayva (look at her chunky cheeks! The medicine we are taking her off of makes her cheeks really chunky- it will go away once she isn't taking it anymore)


Also this weekend the babies, my mom and I are going to Branson. A lot of my family lives in Arkansas and they are all going camping somewhere in Branson. We, however, are NOT camping- we will be getting a hotel room. But I am excited to show off my beautiful babies to everyone who has not gotten a chance to see them yet and I am also a little excited about our first road trip! It takes about 4 hours (maybe 4 1/2) to get there and we are finally at a time where the kids don't mind being in the car **coughAyvacough** Anyways- I won't have access to a computer, but I am taking my camera and will tell everyone all about it when we get back. We are leaving early Saturday morning and coming back on Sunday! Wish us luck on an "easy" trip (even though no trip with triplets is ever going to be easy).

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


The gang turned 10 MONTHS old on Monday. I can't believe how fast time is going. They are getting so big and I can't imagine that in 2 short months they will be ONE!!! It seemes like I just had them a couple of months ago! GEEZE! I am so excited about planning their 1st birthday.

Here are our 10 month pictures...

We are dedicating these pictures to our Uncle Brandon. We got these onsies that say "My Uncle Wears Combat Boots". He is in the Army and we don't get to see him very much..... So this is for you Uncle Brandon! We miss you!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wha- what just happened??

On Friday, Justin went into our room to get ready for work and in the hallway, our thermostat is on the wall and he bumped into it and BROKE IT!!!! So when he left he turned off the air. It got SO hot inside the house. Outside was rainy and muggy and yucky, so we couldn't open up the door and Justin hadn't told me he turned off the air, and we were so hot we had to strip down (not me, the kids).

Then at around 3 Justin called and told me that he just turned off the air (b/c he didn't know what the temperature was set at) and I turned it back on and it got COLD! It must have been pretty low.

Anyways, Anna has her MRI tomorrow to make sure her seizures are not the cause of anything else. So we will be waking up at 4:45 am this morning to have our last bottle until AFTER 11:00 am. She can't have any food past 5 am, only clear liquids. Then after 9 she can't have anything- not even water. Poor thing. I will let everyone know how it went when we get back!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


RUN...It's too late for me! Save yourselves! AAAHHH!

Boy was that scary! Those mixed garden veggies don't look too tasty going in....or going out!

I wanted to show everyone what I made (with some help from my mom). I am really excited about them and can't wait for it to be cold enough for them to wear.
They are little caplets and they are warm, soft fleece. I made Justi the hat also! Aren't they stinking adorable!

Also, last Sunday, was the Chiefs first game of the season and YOU KNOW I had to dress them in the approiate attire...

Also we went on a walk today with our "new" stroller. I finally broke down and got a triple stroller. It was just WAY too hard taking 2 strollers everywhere. This was our first walk around this neighborhood and I think it went very well. I got a great workout (three 16 lb. babies plus the stroller up hill) and they all seemed to enjoy being outside!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Happy birthday to my sweet, loving husband! Today is his 24th birthday and his very first time celebrating his birthday as a father. He is the greatest dad to our kids and they absolutly love him. He is as good a husband as he is a dad- and he's the best! I am so glad to have met him, gone to school with him, became best friends with him, dated him, married him and became parents, and became a family with him. For that alone I count myself lucky.


WE LOVE YOU! Love, Sarah, Anna, Ayva, and Justin!