Friday, April 18, 2008

Cereal is yummy......or not.

Today we tried out eating some rice cereal from a spoon. It didn't go very well. Everyone seemed to not like the taste of it. Justin gagged a little- but then I talked to him and he smiled at me and eventually swallowed it. The girls attempted to swallow what they could. All three of them made nasty faces. Here they are.


This is Justin gagging a little- he really didn't like it.

All in all everyone got at least 4-5 bites and that was enough. They all drank a bottle after that and then they were all hungry again an hour and
a half later. Piggy-babies!

Then they were all so wore out that they took a nap with Grandma.


Ashhog said...

Love the cereal faces! We started ours on cereal about two weeks ago. Dean Loves it and took to it immediately and Cooper can not stand it still after two weeks. Love the picture of them passed out after eating!

tbonegrl said...

I love the pics...the cereal faces are priceless, but the nap pic is too much!

Harris Boys said...

oh my all the cereal pics....just hang there with it, eventually you won't be able to get the spoon in fast enough :)