Thursday, April 24, 2008

I just thought I would update on the babies since they are sleeping right now...
Anna Jeanne
(aka Anna-Banana, aka smile-bucket, aka mini-me, aka sugar bear)
Daddy picked her first name and her middle name is after her great grandma Lois (her middle name was Jeanne).
Things she likes: To be held, to crawl out of her boppy, she likes to watch the lights on her play yard, starting to like to eat cereal, and she loves to just look around and make noises.
Things she hates: spitting up (she is like me. I HATE to throw up), sitting by herself for too long, cold formula, and she hates the sound of the hair dryer.
She is pretty easy going and for the most part doesn't cry much. She only cries if she has had enough of something (ex. sitting by herself too long) or if she is hungry. She looks like me when I was a baby but everyone says she looks more like Justin.

Ayva Verlie
(aka Crank-pot, aka Sugarlicious, aka Ayva-mayva, aka honey bear)
Mommy picked her first name (pronounced like Ava only with a Y, and her middle name is after her great-great grandma Verlie.)
Things she likes: to be held, to eat, and be talked to or sang to, loves to be rocked to sleep, laying on her belly, being carried in the little baby backpack and LOVES being naked.
Things she hates: laying on her back, really warm formula, puking out her nose (she FREAKS out), sitting by herself, and riding in her carseat.
Ayva is the most tempermental of the group. She is easily upset, and HATES to lay on her back- always. She also looks like I did when I was a baby but everyone says she looks more like Justin.

Justin Case
(aka Ham-Bone, aka Little J, aka Justi, aka Giggle-box, aka Snort, aka Boo Bear)
Daddy picked out his whole name! Thought it was cute.
Things Justin likes: Loves to be talked to, and smiled at, flirting with girls (geeze... already?lol), being tickled, taking baths, LOVES watching his mobile go around, his paci, and loves snuggling with mommy.
Things he hates: Needing to poop and can't, being hungry, and having a noise suddenly scare him.
Justin is the most laid back of the group. He smiles ALL day long and giggles at the littlest things! He looks exactly like Daddy Justin when he was a baby but everyone thinks he looks more like me.

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