Friday, April 11, 2008

So I am kind of nervous about Justin being gone all weekend. His work sent him to Chichago to move the main headquarters to a new building. I know everything will be ok because I have a wonderful mom who helps me out a lot. The whole weekend will be hectic for me. Today (friday) I have to go get my friend a wedding gift and then at 5 is her rehersal dinner(i know, I'm a procrastinator) and my mom is coming over to watch the babies but she doesn't get off until 4:30. So it is cutting it very close. Then tomorrow I have to be at the church at 1:30 to take pictures (I am a bridesmaid). But before that I have to give all three kids a bath and get them ready and myself ready!! AND, I almost forgot, at 9:30 I am going to get my hair done! Geeze! Then on Sunday Justin is coming home and I have to pick him up from the airport at 3:00. Luckily my mom is coming over agian to watch the babies while I go to the airport- otherwise it would be just silly to have to take all three babies in the airport by myself!

When I dropped Justin off at his work on Thursday (he had to work a while before they took him to the airport) I had to take the babies home by myself. It was poring rain and I had a hard time seeing the road. I hate driving when it's like that. Even when I don't have kids in the car. Then I had to take each kid out of the car in the rain and into the house. It's a shame I have so much junk in my garage that I can't park the car in it!

Anyways I took some new pictures of the babies today. They were actually sitting by themselves and not crying to be held.
Ayva and Anna Ayva,Anna and Justin

By the 3rd picture they had already had enough. As you can see by the looks on Anna and Justin's faces!
They are so funny. They will smile and giggle and have a good ol' time until I bring out my camera! It's like they know I want them to smile and look cute and so they do the opposite. Although I got some really good ones of them the other day. I really love my new camera and am going a little picture happy. I also made some birth announcements on this webiste I found. But for some reason this blog thing won't let me put them on here right now. So I will blog again later and post them.

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Harris Boys said...

aw..I think they are cute even when you can tell they are NOT having picture time! Glad you survived...hope the wedding was fun :)