Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008- A look back

JANUARY Everyone was finally home from the hospital and this picture was taken before our first Dr's appointment. They all had on preemie clothes- and you can tell it was still too big for them. I had to roll their pants!

A good friend of mine came and took these pictures when the babies were 3 months old. This is one of my favorites from that day.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! What chunky babies they were!

Three bald, naked babies sittin' on a couch...

Five months old. They were SO precious. All was good in the world.

Three babies all ready to go to the park for the first time!

JULYHappy Fourth of July!

Just chillin' inside in the AC.

Giant feather hats? Come on Mom??!?!?

My two sweet ladybugs and Frankenstein!

Happy Birthday my sweet trio!

Yay for Christmas! Merry Christmas to all!!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Day Pictures

The kiddos opening presents.

And then later in the day...

Anna and Grandpa take a nap.

And so do Daddy and Justin.

And then on Saturday, we went to my grandpa and grandma's house to celebrate Christmas and exchange gifts (for the kids only) and "Santa" came to visit again and took a picture with all the kids!

Top row: Ayva, Santa, Elijah

Bottom row: Katie holding Justin, Morgan, Wayatt holding Rowan, Josie holding Anna.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Random Pictures

I am posting some pictures....well....b/c I'm bored. Justin went to the grocery store for some last minute X-mas day goodies, and I am waiting up for him b/c it is kinda slick out and I have to make sure he gets home safe.
The first pic is of the girls sharing a ride in their car.

Anna doesn't like to share- no really I think she was a little squished.

Daddy and the girls taking a nappie-poo in the recliner

Justie with a puff stuck to his face.

How Justin woke up yesterday morning.

The kiddos in their X-mas attire. *note* how happy Ayvie looks!(she's the one in the middle)

How about pics of them on Christmas Day last year.

And how about some really random ones from when they were tiny!!!????!?!?!?

Santa came to visit us today!!

"Santa" stopped by and sat with the kids today. At first Justin was NOT happy, but then he saw it was Grandma under there and he was fine. (L-R: Anna, Justin, Ayva)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Looking back

I was looking at some old pictures from when the babies were just a few months old and they look NOTHING like they do now. It's weird- here see for yourself...

Anna at 4 months (1 adjusted)

Anna today at 13 months (10 adjusted)

Ayva at 4 months (1 adjusted)

Ayva today at 13 months (10 adjusted)

Justin at 4 months (1 adjusted)

Justin today at 13 months (10 adjusted)

I had such chunky babies. Their little faces were so chunky and you could just squeeze their little cheeks! Ooooo! And look at how bald they were! There wasn't a speck of hair on their little heads!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Photo Tag

1) Choose the 4th folder where you store your pictures on your computer

2) Select the 4th picture in the folder

3) Explain the picture

4) Tag 4 people to do the sameNO CHEATING! (cropping, editing, etc!)

This is a picture of the babies on their very first 4th of July. This was before all the "seizure" talk started and life was good.

You all who are reading this- consider yourself tagged!

P.S. Don't forget to read the post directly below this- it's a good one!

13 Months!

Thirteen Months! I can't believe it! Here are the kiddos hangin' out on the couch. I finally got some pictures where Ayva is HAPPY! Yes, you heard me, HAPPY and smiling! So here ya go...(L-R Justin, Ayva, Anna)

Ayva is even smiling while Anna is biting her!