Friday, August 29, 2008


Anna is officially SEIZURE FREE!!!!!!!! The EEG that she had yesterday showed NO SEIZURE ACTIVITY! I am so excited because that means that she can re-learn the milestones that she lost and catch up to Justin!!! AND Ayva's EEG showed improvement! Which is a big step for her b/c last time hers showed no improvement at all! She was diagnosed 2 weeks after Anna, so hopefully in 2 weeks she can be seizure free also!

Here is my happy, sweet girl, Anna back to normal!

I have seen a big improvement in how happy she has been in the past week. She has just been smiling and laughing at everything. Ayva has also been happier and hopefully we can all move past this dreadful part of our lives and grow into beautiful, happy MOBILE babies!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend update

This weekend Justin's parents came over and we grilled steaks. We were just hanging out on the patio and decided that Baby Justin needed a ride in Daddy's wagon. He looked super cute how he was just hanging out in the back of the wagon! (the girls were being kind of cranky, so Justin was the only one to get a ride).

Then after his wagon ride Daddy had to move the lawnmower and he gave Justi a ride! At first he was scared, but he eventually liked it and kind of protested having to get off at the end.

And on Sunday my mom and I took the kiddos to the park. It was kind of hot so we didn't stay long, but they really enjoyed it. Justin and Anna liked the swing and I had to hold Ayva and swing in a big swing. She enjoyed it though. Justi in the stroller. We walked around for a bit before we stopped and got on the swings.

Ayva's smiling- not crying.

Ayva again.

Anna likes the swing...

And her fist!

Friday, August 15, 2008

A year ago today.... (tomorrow actually)

I was just looking through some pictures and saw my belly pics. I was 16 weeks (or 4 months) pregnant here. My belly was already HUGE! (PS. the post below this one is new also!)

I just wanted to see my belly again.... remember a time when they were safe, and healthy and happy. When nobody had seizures, or anything wrong with them....... Remember a time when I had no doubts on if they would come early, or be sick..... I was almost naive on the fact that they would be born at 34 weeks or later and would be perfectly healthy and come home with me and would be healthy children..... That was a great time in my life. I loved being pregnant.
Don't get me wrong, I love this stage in my life too. I am just a little sad that things aren't as easy as I pictured. I guess they never are. God only gives you what you can handle. He gave me three of the most precious and beautiful babies on this earth and I wouldn't have it any other way.


Anna, Ayva and Justin are 9 months old today. They are all doing ok- The girls will hopefully re-learn the milestones they lost and gain some new ones. Justin on the other hand is doing wonderfully. He is army crawling everywhere and when he's not crawling he is rolling. His PT (he just gets it b/c the girls do) showed him how to hold onto the couch and stand from kneeling and he wants to do it ALL the time now. He even stands in his chair! He is almost crawling for real, but can't quite get the hands to move with his knees. He is babbling constantly and loves almost every food I've given him (not oatmeal by itself). I think he might be getting a tooth, but I'm not sure- I think Anna is getting one though. She has a white spot on her gums on the bottom and has been drooling a ton! Who knows who will get a tooth first! Anna is practicing rolling over in PT and is SO close to doing it. Both are holding their heads up better and I've noticed Anna is tracking toys with her eyes better also. We have a 9 month check up on the 19th (I think it is just for the girls though- they are seeing a different Dr. One who specializes in preemies- but I can't remember if they said they would see Justin on the same day or not). We are supposed to get their 6 month evaluation from St. Lukes on the 21st (they check up on all preemie babies that they have discharged) but since we are going to see the new Dr. I don't know if we are going to still go to that.

I am still waiting on the Neurologist to call me back on the results of the girls' EEG's. When they do I will post again. Dr. A said that if in 2 weeks this med. that they are on isn't making any improvement, he is going to switch their meds. I hope it will work, but it's been this long and they are still having seizures, I don't really see that happening. SO hopefully the new medicine (whatever it is) will help and they can be seizure free so they can catch up to Justi.

I will try to take some new pictures of each of them individually this weekend (or today maybe) and give a more detailed post on how they are at 9 months.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Tomorrow (8-13) is my Grandma Dean's birthday! It is also my great Grandma Verlie's birthday (my Grandma's mother) who Ayva's middle name is after. They shared the same birthday (I always thought that was neat). She is coming over tomorrow and I am making her a pancake breakfast. She is the best Grandma and the very best Granny to the kiddos. I am so happy that my babies will get the chance to know their Granny just like I got to know mine. I used to call my great Grandma Verlie, Granny and now that is what my kids will call my Grandma. SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANNY! WE LOVE YOU!

This is us on her wedding day. Isn't she beautiful?

Her feeding Justin at my cousins' baby shower. Unfortunatly this is the only pic I have on my laptop of her and the babies.

The rest of the pictures are her and me from my wedding.

LOVE, Sarah,Justin, Anna, Ayva, and Justin!

In other news their is a HUGE bee hive in one of my trees in the back yard......I am DEATHLY afraid of bees! TERRIFIED! UGH!!! I am getting the chills even writing about them! I used my new telephoto lens ot zoom in so I didn't have to get very close. OH NO, what if they are KILLER BEES??? That is so scary!! Gosh, I hate bees......

I have taken the kids 9 month pictures early because Thursday we have Dr.'s appointments for the girls to have repeat EEG's done and Friday's go by so quickly that I thought I should just do it before I forget. I dressed them up for this year's football season!


And of course this wouldn't be any kind of post unless I put some random pictures on...

I absolutly LOVE this one. It is Anna.....I am SO glad to have my smiley Annie-Bananie back!

Justi has learned how to climb out of his chair. He also showed me tonight he learned how to STAND in his chair and climb onto the couch. It looks like I've got myself a little dare devil!

And this is Ayva almost rolling over. She has almost re-learned how to do it. So close!

I will post again after the girls' appointments on Thursday!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Houston, We have a scooter!!

Justin can scoot on his belly!! He is SOOOOO close to crawling now! I got him scooting on video! (pardon my big butt in the middle of this video)

Then this is a picture of Justin~ he fell asleep eating his bottle and when I took it out he had milk still in his mouth. I took his picture and then made him wake up and drink what was left.

The girls are acting a little better since taking their medicine. Yesterday during PT they did really well! They held their heads up off the ground really good and Anna even rolled over again!!!! Justin sat up for over 2 minutes unassisted!! Everyone is doing great and I can't wait to see more progress!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

No words

I find myself sitting, thinking of how the girls used to act. How they could sort of follow objects with their eyes, and how my little Annie-Bananie could roll over. I just think of how they were a little behind, but they were doing ok. Now I just make myself sick agonizing over how they can't do all the stuff Justin can. So I am going to re-post a video of Anna rolling over from her belly to her back. I never got Ayva rolling from belly to back, she wouldn't do it every time I recorded her. So I will post a smiling pic of Ayva instead.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pretty much nothing....

Well Anna's Dr. appt. didn't go as well as we'd hoped. She got a follow-up EEG and it showed little improvement. That isn't all that bad, but I was hoping she was magnificintly better. So he upped her dose of meds and said she needs another EEG in two weeks. That day is going to suck b/c both Anna and Ayva are getting an EEG that day. At the same time! SO mommy will stay in one room with one baby and daddy will be in another room with another baby, while Justi will be at home with Grandma! Anyways, today my friend Steph came over and brought her baby, Brodie! He was such a good boy, he barely cried the whole time he was here, and when he did cry he just wanted his mommy and a bottle! He is 3 1/2 months YOUNGER than my trio and he is bigger than they are. :( Grow babies, grow!!! Oh, that's ok. We will grow in our own time. Here are some pics of Brodie and Justi! Thanks again for coming over, Steph!

I also have pictures of the girls together. I put them in a boppy together and they just looked so cute! Can you guess who is who??? It's tougher than you think!
And of course, I will post some random pics from over the week and weekend! Enjoy! This Justin drinking out of a regular cup. He is always trying to grab my glass and drink out of it! I think it may be time for a sippy cup!!!
JUSTIN CAN SIT UP!! If I put him there and make sure he doesn't topple over on top of someone!
Justi standing up... he LOVES standing up!

Justin being a camera hog.

Anna fell asleep laying on the boppy. That medicine makes her (and Ayva) sleepy.

Look closely at Justin's hair...... it is his FIRST time that his "hair" (if you can call it that) was fixed. (I put gel in it and spiked it up)

This is what happens when Justi plays all morning.....he just falls asleep on top of toys and all.

Oh also, Anna had a fever tonight! I gave her some tyenol and I hope it is nothing. AND I hope it is nothing that is contagious!!