Tuesday, April 8, 2008

To sum things up

Well... I am Sarah and my husband's name is Justin. We met in Middle School and were friends all the way up until we started dating in 12th grade. We got married on May 19th, 2007. And also in May we found out we were pregnant!

At 8 weeks I was having some bleeding and went to my doctor and they recommended I go for an ultrasound the next day. My doctor had a very disconcerning look on her face and had me so scared about what her "strong recommendation" for an ultrasound the very next day meant. I didn't sleep a wink that night and the next day my husband took me to the ultrasound imaging place. My mother in law also went and waited for us in the lobby. Not even 2 seconds into the ultrasound, the tech said, "Hmmmm......" and I gasped,"What? Is something wrong?" and she said,"No I see this one's heart beat and there is the other one's heartbeat." and I said, "Oh! So everything is ok? Twins?" and the tech said," Well I see these two's heartbeats but it is the third baby's that I am still looking for". If I hadn't been laying down I might have passed out! TRIPLETS!!!


Meanwhile, my mother in law, fearing the worst (knowing I had been bleeding), sat in the lobby and hid all the expecting mother magazines so if something bad DID happen to us in that room, I wouldn't walk out to a sea of mother-to-be magazines.

Justin then asked the tech for a chair to sit down in and we sat there open jawed at the screen trying to make out that those three little dots are THREE babies! About 20 minutes later, we walk out to the lobby with smiles from ear to ear! My mother in law was relieved and asked us how it went. We walked outside to the parking lot and I told her that everything went fine. Then I handed her the picture the tech had given me.

She looked and stared.

She did not get that A, B and C meant THREE babies. I said, "Look, there is baby A, and baby B, and this is baby C..................... three babies."

And she screamed, "TRIPLETS!!!!". We all started laughing and an old lady that was in the parking lot trying to get in her car yelled back, "CONGRATULATIONS!".

Next to tell would be my mom. We worked at the same place and she was working for me at the preschool so I could go get the ultrasound. She told me to call her immediatly after we left the imaging place. I just couldn't call her b/c I wanted to show her the picture and I knew I wouldn't be able to hold that information in over the phone!

Once we got there, her and the kids were out on the playground. She ran over to me and asked me if everything was ok. I told her everything was fine and handed her the picture.

She stared at the picture. A full minute goes by with out saying anything. I ask her if she can see it and she says she can. I asked her what she saw and she said, "I see the baby. There is three different views of the baby." and I said, "No, that is baby A, that is baby B and here is baby C. Three babies, not one." She about fainted right there on the playground. She then accused me of handing her a FAKE ultrasound picture b/c there is NO way this is really happening!!! Oh but it was.

Everything went ok for me in the pregnancy and I worked up until I was 27 weeks. That night I will never forget. Justin and I shared a car and I was waiting after work for him to come pick me up. Sometimes the traffic is bad at that time so this day I was waiting by myself at the preschool. All the kids and other teachers had gone home already. So I decided to go and use the restroom while I waited. And once I got in there I started bleeding. Heavily. I was SO scared. There was no one but the janitor there and I wasn't about to call him in the bathroom to help me. And who knew where Justin was. He didn't have a cell phone and I had NO idea how far away he was from picking me up. So I called my mom who lived 10 minutes away from where I worked. She jumped in the car and raced to pick me up and take me to the hospital. It seemed like an eternity before she got there. My dad was driving like a maniac the whole way. I climbed in the car, still bleeding. Just when we started to leave the parking lot, Justin pulls in. My mom jumped out and told him what was happening and he followed us to the hospital.

I climbed out and a guy in the emergency room wheeled me to the elevator. I got in and there were like 4 other people including my mom in the elevator with me. They all stared at me the whole way up to the second floor. Once I got to their triage room and they checked me out. Justin met me up there after he parked the car. They found out I was in pre-term labor and needed to be admitted. I was 1 CM dialated and 80% effaced. That was NOT good. They gave me a room and gave me some Mag- Sulfate to stop the contractions I was having (although I could not feel them).

My contractions stopped and the bleeding slowed but they wanted to keep me in the hospital until I had the babies. I HATED staying in the hospital by myself. Justin stayed with me for the first 4 or 5 days and slept in the chair next to me. But after that I had to stay on my own while he went to work and home to sleep. I had to spend my 23rd birthday in a hospital bed. But it wasn't so bad because my family and friends all came. 5 days and 2 bleeding episodes later I had an emergency C-section and gave birth to three precious babies!!!

Anna Jeanne

3 lbs. 1 0z.
8:20 am

Ayva Verlie

3 lbs. 1 oz.
8:21 am

and Justin Case

2 lbs. 15 oz.
8:22 am
They had to put me to sleep for the c-section because I had lost so much blood and my blood pressure dropped suddenly when they sat me up to drink some nasty stuff to neutralize the acid in my stomach. I didn't get to hear my precious babies cry. About two hours and three blood transfusions later, they wheeled me in to see my babies. It was so sad. They were on ventilators and I couldn't even reach them from my bed. They all did well and 2 days after they were born the girls came off the vents and Justin had to have a C-pap.
Anna came home January 9th, 2008- 55 days after she was born.
Justin and Ayva both came home January 11th, 2008- 57 days after they were born.
They had to spend Christmas in the NICU and New Years. It was a very sad time for me to be home by myself, doing nothing, and NOT taking care of babies.
We were SO happy when they came home. It was like a piece of us that was missing was whole again. It felt right to have them there with me, and it's been a blast ever since!
Well baby Justin is being fussy so I will write more about the kiddos tomorrow. Bye for now.

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