Friday, April 25, 2008

Very dissapointing day.

Well.....we're NOT moving. I am so dissapointed. I love that house. My grandma owns it and needs more money for it than we can afford. With me not working- it's just too hard. I have so many good memories of that house. I grew up going over there a lot. My cousins and I used to stand on the bathtub and sing into the mirror (we were too short to see ourselves from the floor). We had fashion shows in the hallway. It used to have bright orange countertops! There is a closet that we made our play room and we colored all over the walls. Outside is a GREAT yard- we had a swingset out there and I fell off and knocked the wind out of myself and we played tag in that yard. We had birthday parties out on the patio, and Christmas dinners in the dining room. I can still picture my great granny sitting in the dining room eating cornbread and milk. :'( I used to climb on the ladder and hang the Christmas lights up for my grandma outside on the house. And ride the riding lawnmower for her. And in highschool we moved in while our old house was being remodeled. I got ready for school dances there. And got picked up by Justin for our first date from that house. My first pet and my best friend, my cat Sheba, is buried in the back yard.

I loved living there. I would love living there again. But it can't happen. And I am truly sad about that. I just wanted a nice place for my kids to grow up- have a nice yard to play in, nice rooms and a good neighborhood. Justin and I wanted our kids to go to the same schools we did. But, I guess......... somethings don't happen the way you want them to. It looks as though Justin and I will have to do our best with this small place with the tiniest yard for now. Hopefully, in the future we can do better for them. They can have room to run, and to play tag and maybe one day to have their own rooms. Now they all have to share one room. And that is ok for now, but someday they won't want to. I guess all parents want what's best for their kids, and I just want my kids to have the best memories of their childhood- like I did. And I know it's not the place that make the memories, but everytime I see that house I think of those memories and smile.

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The Pastoral Princess said...

Oh how sad! And what a joy to be able to raise your own children in a home that has so many memories for you and a legacy for them!