Friday, August 29, 2008


Anna is officially SEIZURE FREE!!!!!!!! The EEG that she had yesterday showed NO SEIZURE ACTIVITY! I am so excited because that means that she can re-learn the milestones that she lost and catch up to Justin!!! AND Ayva's EEG showed improvement! Which is a big step for her b/c last time hers showed no improvement at all! She was diagnosed 2 weeks after Anna, so hopefully in 2 weeks she can be seizure free also!

Here is my happy, sweet girl, Anna back to normal!

I have seen a big improvement in how happy she has been in the past week. She has just been smiling and laughing at everything. Ayva has also been happier and hopefully we can all move past this dreadful part of our lives and grow into beautiful, happy MOBILE babies!

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the schirano triplets said...

oh my goodness, yay! i am so happy to hear such wonderful, wonderful news! it literally brought tears to my eyes and gave me goosebumps to see hear that things are going so well! what a cute, cute video!