Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend update

This weekend Justin's parents came over and we grilled steaks. We were just hanging out on the patio and decided that Baby Justin needed a ride in Daddy's wagon. He looked super cute how he was just hanging out in the back of the wagon! (the girls were being kind of cranky, so Justin was the only one to get a ride).

Then after his wagon ride Daddy had to move the lawnmower and he gave Justi a ride! At first he was scared, but he eventually liked it and kind of protested having to get off at the end.

And on Sunday my mom and I took the kiddos to the park. It was kind of hot so we didn't stay long, but they really enjoyed it. Justin and Anna liked the swing and I had to hold Ayva and swing in a big swing. She enjoyed it though. Justi in the stroller. We walked around for a bit before we stopped and got on the swings.

Ayva's smiling- not crying.

Ayva again.

Anna likes the swing...

And her fist!


Pam said...

aw cute pics! love the swinging ones. my boys love them too. :) we have that same cricket one-piece too. aw!

Nursery Kulture said...

Cute pictures of the babies. Its nice to see babies first and capture that moment in time.