Friday, August 15, 2008


Anna, Ayva and Justin are 9 months old today. They are all doing ok- The girls will hopefully re-learn the milestones they lost and gain some new ones. Justin on the other hand is doing wonderfully. He is army crawling everywhere and when he's not crawling he is rolling. His PT (he just gets it b/c the girls do) showed him how to hold onto the couch and stand from kneeling and he wants to do it ALL the time now. He even stands in his chair! He is almost crawling for real, but can't quite get the hands to move with his knees. He is babbling constantly and loves almost every food I've given him (not oatmeal by itself). I think he might be getting a tooth, but I'm not sure- I think Anna is getting one though. She has a white spot on her gums on the bottom and has been drooling a ton! Who knows who will get a tooth first! Anna is practicing rolling over in PT and is SO close to doing it. Both are holding their heads up better and I've noticed Anna is tracking toys with her eyes better also. We have a 9 month check up on the 19th (I think it is just for the girls though- they are seeing a different Dr. One who specializes in preemies- but I can't remember if they said they would see Justin on the same day or not). We are supposed to get their 6 month evaluation from St. Lukes on the 21st (they check up on all preemie babies that they have discharged) but since we are going to see the new Dr. I don't know if we are going to still go to that.

I am still waiting on the Neurologist to call me back on the results of the girls' EEG's. When they do I will post again. Dr. A said that if in 2 weeks this med. that they are on isn't making any improvement, he is going to switch their meds. I hope it will work, but it's been this long and they are still having seizures, I don't really see that happening. SO hopefully the new medicine (whatever it is) will help and they can be seizure free so they can catch up to Justi.

I will try to take some new pictures of each of them individually this weekend (or today maybe) and give a more detailed post on how they are at 9 months.

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