Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Tomorrow (8-13) is my Grandma Dean's birthday! It is also my great Grandma Verlie's birthday (my Grandma's mother) who Ayva's middle name is after. They shared the same birthday (I always thought that was neat). She is coming over tomorrow and I am making her a pancake breakfast. She is the best Grandma and the very best Granny to the kiddos. I am so happy that my babies will get the chance to know their Granny just like I got to know mine. I used to call my great Grandma Verlie, Granny and now that is what my kids will call my Grandma. SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANNY! WE LOVE YOU!

This is us on her wedding day. Isn't she beautiful?

Her feeding Justin at my cousins' baby shower. Unfortunatly this is the only pic I have on my laptop of her and the babies.

The rest of the pictures are her and me from my wedding.

LOVE, Sarah,Justin, Anna, Ayva, and Justin!


In other news their is a HUGE bee hive in one of my trees in the back yard......I am DEATHLY afraid of bees! TERRIFIED! UGH!!! I am getting the chills even writing about them! I used my new telephoto lens ot zoom in so I didn't have to get very close. OH NO, what if they are KILLER BEES??? That is so scary!! Gosh, I hate bees......

I have taken the kids 9 month pictures early because Thursday we have Dr.'s appointments for the girls to have repeat EEG's done and Friday's go by so quickly that I thought I should just do it before I forget. I dressed them up for this year's football season!


And of course this wouldn't be any kind of post unless I put some random pictures on...

I absolutly LOVE this one. It is Anna.....I am SO glad to have my smiley Annie-Bananie back!

Justi has learned how to climb out of his chair. He also showed me tonight he learned how to STAND in his chair and climb onto the couch. It looks like I've got myself a little dare devil!

And this is Ayva almost rolling over. She has almost re-learned how to do it. So close!

I will post again after the girls' appointments on Thursday!

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