Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pretty much nothing....

Well Anna's Dr. appt. didn't go as well as we'd hoped. She got a follow-up EEG and it showed little improvement. That isn't all that bad, but I was hoping she was magnificintly better. So he upped her dose of meds and said she needs another EEG in two weeks. That day is going to suck b/c both Anna and Ayva are getting an EEG that day. At the same time! SO mommy will stay in one room with one baby and daddy will be in another room with another baby, while Justi will be at home with Grandma! Anyways, today my friend Steph came over and brought her baby, Brodie! He was such a good boy, he barely cried the whole time he was here, and when he did cry he just wanted his mommy and a bottle! He is 3 1/2 months YOUNGER than my trio and he is bigger than they are. :( Grow babies, grow!!! Oh, that's ok. We will grow in our own time. Here are some pics of Brodie and Justi! Thanks again for coming over, Steph!

I also have pictures of the girls together. I put them in a boppy together and they just looked so cute! Can you guess who is who??? It's tougher than you think!
And of course, I will post some random pics from over the week and weekend! Enjoy! This Justin drinking out of a regular cup. He is always trying to grab my glass and drink out of it! I think it may be time for a sippy cup!!!
JUSTIN CAN SIT UP!! If I put him there and make sure he doesn't topple over on top of someone!
Justi standing up... he LOVES standing up!

Justin being a camera hog.

Anna fell asleep laying on the boppy. That medicine makes her (and Ayva) sleepy.

Look closely at Justin's hair...... it is his FIRST time that his "hair" (if you can call it that) was fixed. (I put gel in it and spiked it up)

This is what happens when Justi plays all morning.....he just falls asleep on top of toys and all.

Oh also, Anna had a fever tonight! I gave her some tyenol and I hope it is nothing. AND I hope it is nothing that is contagious!!

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