Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hello Again...

Well this week has been SUPER busy and it's only Wednesday! And it will continue to be busy as tomorrow is Justin's 24th birthday.

~Saturday we took the kids to The Great Mall of the Great Plains which is a 40 minute drive from our house. The kids were fabulous! Not a peep the whole way there! They were excellent in the mall (although I had to carry Ayva in the baby-backpack and she is heavy). They let us spend WAY too much money at Carter's (they were having a wonderful sale!) And let's just say we are set for winter!

~Sunday I got it in my thick head to take the kids to Santa-Cala-Gon Days in Independence. It is a bunch of tents and crafty things all outdoors. It was SO hot. BUT, the kiddos were GREAT! Not a sound on the way there, let us each carry one of them(I carried Anna, Justin carried Justin, and my mom carried Ayva). We had to carry them b/c it was SO crowded. They all did very well and I think I was the one who was tired of being there- I cannot believe all the stupid comments from strangers. I could even hear people behind me talking like I wasn't even there. Here are some of the dumb ones I heard...

-Are they twins? (I just had two and this one is extra) They're triplets.

-Are you their mother? Yes.

-Is it all girls? No...two girls and a boy.

-Are they all identical?, this one is a boy.

This one tops them all...

-You carried them? Yes. You really did it. (not as a question) and I said to Justin but loud enough for her to hear Yeah, we really did it alright!

Anyway, it was fun, even with all the comments.

~Monday we hung out at home and then took the kiddos to Justin's parents house for dinner. The kids had fun playing with new toys and visiting with Grandma and Grandpa. Then we decided that since it was the last day of Bodies Revealed at Union Station, and we really wanted to go and see it, that we should go. We decided to go at 4:30 pm and the last show was at 5:30. I called my mom and since she didn't want to go, she stayed home and put the kids to bed. It was really neat. They showed real human bodies and their muscles and organs. It was really interesting.

~Tuesday we had the lady from CCVI come. She will be coming every Tuesday and working with the girls' vision for 30 minutes each. We also had CCVI's O.T. come Tuesday and work with the girls 30 minutes also. She will help with their fine motor skills in consideration with their vision.

And today is a lounging day as tomorrow is PT and Justin's birthday. So I decided to take some pictures of the kiddos....

Their new rainboots. Justin's says "Little Firefighter".

These are they head bows my mom made. They are SO BIG on their tiny little heads.

OH and I can't forget to post about Justin's fun with a cinnamon twist from Taco Bell!

Justin(Daddy) gave one to him just to see what he'd do with it. He really liked it.....Until a big chunk fell off in his mouth and I started freaking out. I didn't want him to choke and I think he would have been ok if I hadn't started to try to get it out- but then he started gagging on it and Justin finally put his finger in there and got it out for him.

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