Friday, November 28, 2008

Our Thanksgiving!

It went very well actually! It was the first year that we had dinner at my house. Usually we go to my grandparents- but since my grandma had a stroke, she wasn't up to cooking (and they decided to go some of their family in Texas). So everyone else (mostly our parents and siblings) came over to our house. Justin and his dad deep fried the turkey and made a ham, my mom, Justin's mom, my brother and my grandma dean all brought over some side dishes, while I made the mashed potatoes and gravy, pinwheels, veggies, cheese dip and a pie. YUM YUM. We had SO much food left over we'll be eatin' turkey and fixin's for weeks! Here are a few pics I got of the kiddos in their turkey shirts before they all got T-day goodness on them!

The handprint turkey shirts we made! (Do you see Ayva and Anna holding hands? cute) L-R Ayva, Anna

Justin, Ayva and Anna.
Their shirts turned out really cute. I made their handprints be turkeys and I put their nicknames on the back. Justin's said BOO BEAR Ayva's said SASSY PANTS Anna's said GIGGLE BOX.

Justin's toofers.

Mommy and Ayva.

Look how happy my tiny Ayvie is!??? This new medicine is helping but hasn't stopped them all together. Hopefully the full dosage will! Keep your fingers crossed!!

My brother, Uncle Robbie with Anna in her pink snow bear suit (we ate outside on the patio and it was a little chilly for babies)



Annie said...

I love their shirts, so cute. Happy that everyone enjoyed thanksgiving.

monica said...

The shirts are darling! You did a great job with the turkeys. Glad that your Thanksgiving was great!