Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Wishing and hoping!

Today is the first day Ayva has been on a full dose of Vigabatrin. I am still optomistic that this will be the thing that works for her. She has already had noticably fewer seizures and is overall a happier baby. (This is a video of me tickling her and then towards the end she started to cry b/c it was time for a bottle and not b/c she was unhappy. She is doing so much better at eating too!! She actually acts hungry now! My big girl!)

Everyone keep your fingers crossed that this works for her!

And some pictures just fun...

Anna and Ayva riding in the car they got for their b-day.

Anna in the car by herself.

Ayva in the car by herself.

Daddy sleeping in the chair with Ayva and Anna.

Justin with a puff stuck to his face :p

Tomorrow is Ayva's MRI and I have to take her by myself. Justin has to work and Grandma Dee Dee will be watching Anna and Justin. We are hoping it all goes well and that it won't start snowing until we get home. Her appointment is at 8 am and snow is predicted at 10 am!

Hope you all are having a wonderful Tuesday!!


Rachael Schirano \\ Rachael Schirano Photography said...

i will be praying that the medicine works! good luck tomorrow!

monica said...

Good luck tommorrow with the MRI and the snow! Drive carefully. Great video...very cute.

Annie said...

I hope that the medicine works and good luck tomorrow.

Great pictures.

Have a nice week.