Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Update on things

Well yesterday was my birthday. It was a pretty good one (compaired to last year). My mom came over and hung out with me and the kiddos. She brought me Chipotle tacos (my fav) and then my grandma and aunt came over and they brought me an ice cream cake (my ultimate fav). Then Justin came home from work and brought me some Baskin Robbins ice cream (b/c they didn't have any ice cream cakes- which I guess everyone knows that is the one thing I ask for for my b-day), and he took me out to dinner. We went to Zio's. YUMYUM- so good. This Saturday my sweet babies will be turning 1. I can't believe it. We have a big day planned and lots of family coming over. I can't wait!

Also, in not so good news, my grandpa had a heart attack on Wednesday. He refused to go to the hospital until SATURDAY and that's when they told him it was a heart attack. They said he waited too long and the damage to one of his arteries is too damaged to be fixed. But they did say the other arteries should take over the work load of the damaged one and he should be ok. Please keep him in your thoughts! Thanks!


rachael said...

happy birthday - sounds like it was a yummy one :)

i will keep your grandpa and your family in my thoughts an prayers!

Annie said...

I hope that you enjoyed your birthday.

Oh,my God the big day for the babies is just around the corner.

PD: Thanks for visit my blog