Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pictures and junk....

I just thought I should post some pictures of the kiddos b/c I realized I haven't posted pics in a while. So here are some new ones...

J in the laundry basket. I guess he thought he would help me fold.

Anna's first set of piggy tails!

Ayva's first set of piggy tails!

Ayva with daddy.

Anna trying to stand.

I can't believe that my tiny, itty bitty babies are almost ONE!!! It seems like time has just flown by.

~Anna Jeanne~

My funny, giggly girl. She is almost always happy- always smiling. She now has three teeth (the bottom middle two and one on top). She is just like she was in the NICU, a go-with-the-flow type and is content to just being held by anyone. She likes everyone and will smile for you all the time. Her seizures are gone and hopefully will stay that way (keep your fingers crossed). She is beginning to re-learn all the skills she lost- she can hold her head up very well now, she is working on sitting (she's getting close), she is trying VERY hard to crawl (her legs get the idea, but her arms don't follow). Her vision is improving GREATLY! She is beginning to track objects better and is starting to reach for some things when she can see them! She loves to give kisses and lick things (sometimes these two things go hand in hand for her). She is rolling all over the place and she knows how to pull her sister's hair now (I think baby J taught her that one!). She has all the sudden started hating veggies! Only fruit for my chubby-kins. She is the messiest eater on the whole planet! She can hold her own bottle and stand holding onto something, both for a short period of time. She likes to snuggle and now knows that if she cries when she is put down, she usually gets picked up again. She is the loudest out of the three of them and talks nonstop- sometimes at 4 in the morning. All in all she is a very happy girl who is trying to catch up to her brother.

~Ayva Verlie~

She is my quiet, serious baby. My DIVA for sure. She needs things her way or she is not happy. She is very particular on how things are to be done, and will not change her ways just to make things easier. She has 4 teeth (the top middle two and the bottom middle two). She is my snugglie bear and always wants me to hold her and snuggle with her. She is not very much of a people person- as she only likes for me, Justin or my mom to hold her. Even though she is still having seizures, she is trying to overcome them and make some progress. She is holding her head up better and is also starting to see better. She has started liking to sleep in our bed with Justin and I at night and will sleep so soundly that she snores! She is holding her head up better on her belly and not hating it on her back so much. She has started not liking her bottle so much and would much rather eat real food. Over all she is happy, and is totally a mama's girl!

~Justin Case~

He is my ham bone. Always doing something funny- wether it's making funny noises or just being himself. J has 3 teeth (the bottom middle two and a top one). He looks the smallest of the three, but actually weighs more than Ayva. He can still wear some 3-6 month clothes, but mostly wears 6-9. He talks all the time and can say "mama" "baba" and an assortment of other babbling words. He is an expert crawler, and cruiser and is going all over the place. He loves to eat and tries not to make a mess. He loves puffs and will sit still if he has some. He likes to pull people's hair (especially sisters') and loves to play with shoes and jewlery. He has a little stranger anxiety and only wants his "mamama" most of the time. He is a very loud and outgoing baby when we are at home, but when we go somewhere new, he is very quiet and shy. He is a very sweet boy and can clap and blow kisses. He is working on walking and it shouldn't be too far away. He holds his own bottle and likes to throw it down when he is done and get out of his chair himself. He is funny, loving and a very happy little boy!

Everyone has gotten a new "big kid" carseat - although they still have to sit rear-facing b/c they do not weigh enough to turn around. So far Anna is the only one who has gotten to ride in them (she got to go with mommy to the dollar store).

It has been a rough, loving, exciting, heartbreaking- but rebuilding our hearts, crazy, hectic, fun, busy, and overall the best year of my life. With all the things that happened over this year, I can't even imagine what is to come over the next year! I'm sure it will be filled with three times the love, three times the excitement and three times the joy!


rachael said...

what a sweet and loving was a great insight into those little personalities! i cannot believe they are going to be one already!

Trina said...

Your babies are just precious. THat last paragraph brought a tear to my eye.

Annie said...

Lovely pictures. I like the pig tails of the girls. For next year you are going to feel more love and more beautiful and exciting things because your triplets will continue learning and it will be full of surprises.

The Wilsons said...

Great post! They are so cute!

tbonegrl said...

the pictures are lovely! I wish I had girls if only for the piggy tails, although Summy's is long enough now for some!