Sunday, November 16, 2008

The birthday party post!

Saturday was the babies first birthday party. Over 35 people came over to our house and we all had a really great time. Thanks to everyone who came! The party started around 2 o'clock and we opened a ton of presents. Then they each ate their cupcake and I was surprised who enjoyed it the most. I thought Justin would have liked the cupcake the most- but it was ANNA who shoveled in as much cake as she could! It was so funny to watch her eating it. Justin was overtired by cupcake time and he didn't really like it at all. And Ayva kind of put her hands in the frosting and licked it off. Enough of my yammering..... here's the pics! (special thanks to "Aunt" Julie for taking the pics so I could be in them with my babies!!!) Their cupcakes - Thanks Granny for making them in you oven (b/c ours is broken )

Justin with his birthday hat on

The hat didn't last :(

His birthday outfit!

Anna's birthday outfit.
Ayva's birthday outfit.
The fam.

Auntie Ashtie with Ayva before the party

Anna, Ayva and Justin before the guests arrived.

Anna looking silly with her party hat on!

Ayva with her party hat on!

J with his party hat on!

And I won't bore all of you with the present pics so here are just a few of them opening gifts!
Anna with Auntie Ashtie's help

Justin with Daddy's help

Ayva with Mommy's help

Justin was terrified of Elmo!

Justin's girlfriend Makenna laying on the kiddos new stuffed doggie

J with his cupcake
Anna with her cupcake

Ayva with her cupcake


rachael said...

everything turned out so looks like you all had a great time!

Annie said...

Happy Birthday Anna, Ayva and Justin.

They look so cute with their outfits, all the pictures are great. Definitely, the kids enjoyed the party.
God bless your babies.

I tagged you!! Go over to my blog and see what to do:)