Thursday, June 12, 2008

Long time, no write...

It's been a while since I've blogged so lets recap (even though there isn't much to recap on)

We went to the eye doctor yesterday. I was getting worried about Ayva not tracking as well as she should. The doctor (her name was Dr. Hug- cute) said that she had what they call Visual Immaturity. Which just means she is behind on learning to see. She said people have to learn to see just like they learn to walk or talk. And she hasn't learned to track well yet. She wants to see her in three months and re-evaluate. Hopefully she can catch up in the mean time. BUT they are sending out some people from CCVI (I don't know exactly what it stands for but it is something for the Visually Impaired). They are going to come and do some excercizes for her eyes to strengthen them and try to catch her up. Anna and Justin are right on track and Justin was even ahead for 4 months adjusted.

i now have to type with one hand b/c i am holding ayva so here are some pics
Ok... I can type now I got Ayva to sleep. Anyways I can't believe that my little babies will be 7 months old on Sunday!! FATHERS DAY!! Yay Daddy's first father's day. And the kiddos already told me what to get for daddy! Oooooo He's gonna love it!!! I will have to take pictures of them with daddy for their 7 month picture!
My cousin is getting married on Saturday and I really wanted to go. But they live in Conway, Arkansas and it would be an 8 hour drive! I REALLY wanted to take the babies but there is NO way Ayva would have ridden in the car that long. She HATES the car and the carseat and hardly lasts 5 minutes let a lone 8 hours!!! I wanted all my family down there to get to see them and I really wanted to take them on their first out of town car trip! Oh well..... I guess there is always something else, some other time to go down there for! I just wouldn't have felt right with myself if I made my poor girl go through that kind of drive. But I did send pictures of them with their great granny! Hope everyone likes them!

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