Sunday, June 15, 2008

7 months old today! And Happy Father's Day!

Here are some of my favorite pics of Daddy with our babies!!!

(first pic is Daddy with Anna, second is Daddy with Justin)

Daddy holdin all three at the same time for the first time.

(Daddy feeding Justin and Daddy holding Ayva and Anna.)

Anna, Ayva and Justin are 7 months old today! AND it's Daddy Justin's first Father's Day. The kids "bought" their daddy a new charcoal grill. And we grilled steaks for dinner! But sadly, when we started to use the new grill, one of the grill plates was BROKEN! I think it might have gotten broken when the two teenagers loaded it into the back of my mom's truck and moved it around like 4 times before setting it on it's side. THAT probably broke it. ANYWAYS~ we used the gas grill that my mom and dad had left over here from the hamburgers we had a few weekends ago. We had yummy steaks, and baked beans, potato salad, macaroni salad and stuffed jalapeno peppers! OH and a chocolate pie from Corner Cafe. OH SO GOOD! Oh and while we were at the store we got some really good looking corn. We watch the food channel a lot and they have played the episode of Iron Chef where they had a corn battle and it looked really good. WELL someone put one of the babies blankets over the bag of corn and we forgot to cook it! DANG!

Here are our 7 month pics!

They all have onsies on that say something about daddy.

In other news- I am getting more and more worried about my Ayva-baby. She is constantly refusing to eat from a bottle. Just recently she has gone from sitting in a bouncy seat, eating a bottle that was propped (not all the time, but if all three were hungry at the same time, somebody's got to eat by themselves. I've only got two hands) and eating 6 ounces every time to now eating 6 ounces in the morning when she wakes up, then 4 ounces three hours later and then 3 if I'm lucky every time after that. I am so worried that it isn't enough. It was ok at the beginning of the week. I could get her to eat for the most part- but it's gone down hill from there. I am going to call the doctor tomorrow and see what they say. I hope that if it is colic, that they either have some tricks on how to make it better or something. Because a miracle is needed..... She has GOT to eat. How can a baby not want to eat her bottle when that is all she really knows. We've had cereal, but not enough to let her just eat that. AND if she would even eat some cereal on top of 3 or so ounces I would feel better, but she won't. I will see what the doctor says and hope for the best! That's all I can say about that for now.......I am sad and frustrated and I don't even know what.......... I just feel like crying. So I will just look at the pics and remind myself that they are all little chunky babies and Oh So Cute and try to smile.


Big Sister said...

Hi! Can't believe your trips are 7 months already!! Just wanted to say that a twin friend of mine had some trouble with her daughter not wanting to eat her bottle at around 6/7 months too. It lasted about 3 weeks and then she introduced cereal and formula (she had been pumping before that) and her dd started eating more. Hope Ayva gets her appetite back soon:)

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