Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Random Pictures

I am posting some pictures....well....b/c I'm bored. Justin went to the grocery store for some last minute X-mas day goodies, and I am waiting up for him b/c it is kinda slick out and I have to make sure he gets home safe.
The first pic is of the girls sharing a ride in their car.

Anna doesn't like to share- no really I think she was a little squished.

Daddy and the girls taking a nappie-poo in the recliner

Justie with a puff stuck to his face.

How Justin woke up yesterday morning.

The kiddos in their X-mas attire. *note* how happy Ayvie looks!(she's the one in the middle)

How about pics of them on Christmas Day last year.

And how about some really random ones from when they were tiny!!!????!?!?!?

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