Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas pics and goose eggs!

Yeah, so I decided that we would take the kids to see Santa today. So I got them all dressed up in their Christmas outfits and we decided to all sit in front of our tree and take a family pic! Here are a few of our family pics...

A cute one of Ayva.

Then while I was downloading the pics on my computer, Justin decided to put little J in the car push toy and push him around the house. Well as they were going through the door to the kids room, little J decided to lean over to one side and -BANG- he smacked his forehead on the door jam. Instantly a huge goose egg appeared. It is officially the first big "boo-boo" little J has gotten. Poor guy- look...


So needless to say- we did NOT go see Santa Claus today. :( Oh well.


Annie said...

I think the family pictures are awesome.

Poor Justin,a goose eggs, wow.

Nice weekend

monica said...

Great famiyl pictures! That bruise is huge. I bet that Justin felt terrible about it. It happens Little J will be better by morning!