Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Toofers, toofers, everywhere! Ayva has 2 little sparkly toofers...(sorry, I made the pics big to try and see the teeth better)

Anna only has one so far (but is working on the second)...

And Justin has 2 as well...

I finished the babies birthday invite, but I want to send it out first so people won't see it before they get it. It's really cute and I made it and took the pictures all by myself.
I am also thinking I should post some random cuteness, so here you go....

Justin and his big basket of toys....He's saying,"They're all MINE!"

I spiked what little hair he has with gel (glittery gel at that!)

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Big Sister said...

I love the Halloween shirt! So cute! Where did you get the girls' headbands? I can not find any of that style around here (WA).