Sunday, October 12, 2008

Not much...

Well there's not much to say, but I couldn't stand seeing a post from Wednesday still be up at the top. I've decided to start making things lately- sewing things and yesterday we started making Tutus. They are SOOO adorable. I'm even thinking of selling them somewhere- we'll see.

Ayva has recently discovered that she no longer likes her Dr. Brown's bottle and wants a MAM one. She was totally refusing to eat from the DR. B ones. I was desperate and had my mom get some new bottles to try. She also doesn't like her soy milk anymore (she was only drinking it b/c of the reflux- which has gotten better). She still only has 2 teeth- both on the bottom in the middle. She is smiling a lot more and I think this new medicine she is on is making her seizures better- but not completly gone. Hopefully at her next EEG they will say they are gone- WISH US LUCK ON THAT!! (we'll need it).

Anna is being a lot more vocal. She is beginning to be VERY loud and is starting to do something that Justin has been doing for a while- crying when she is put down. So now that's all three babies that want mommy to hold them all the time! If only I had three sets of arms! She still only has one tooth. Her vision is improving every day!! She has begun to look at you and make eye contact again!(I think it was the seizures). She is rolling all over the place and is starting to get up on her hands and knees!!! Oh, I think I'm in for TWO crawlers soon!! She has decided that she no longer likes vegetables and wants to let me know by gagging on them everytime!!! Only fruit will she not gag on (well I guess that's not true, she likes yogurt, oatmeal, and chicken). I've tried every veggie known to man, and she won't eat them!! Silly girl!

Justin is EVERYWHERE!! If he's not crawling into the kitchen, he's walking along the couches. Or he is doing his other favorite pasttime- pulling the girls' hair! He catches a glimpse of their hair (which has really started to grow) and makes a b- line over to give it a good YANK! He knows what he is doing and is doing it on purpose! He's naughty! He has also noticed our 52' tv and has taken it upon himself to try and touch it every chance he gets! His favorite things to chew on are shoes and the couch and has 2 teeth also. Yesterday he ate a big bite of watermelon- and didn't gag (very solid things was making him gag) and today my mom thought he would just take a lick of her chocolate candy bar and he bit off a chunk and didn't have any problem chewing it up and swallowing it................he is definatly my child. :)

All three of them have runny, snotty noses....I wonder how they all got a runny nose....hmmm... **coughjustincough***. Justin likes to steal his sister's paci's and chew on them. I believe there is a video on a much earlier post of him stealing Ayva's paci.

I will post more later- My friend Stephanie is supposed to come over tomorrow and the babies officially turn 11 MONTHS on Wednesday!!!!! Only one month until they are ONE!!

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Katie said...

No news is sometimes good news! Good to hear your precious babies are doing so well. I will keep Ayva in my thoughts and prayers regarding the seizures and hope for great news!