Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What's new...

Justin is cruising! YAY. He finally learned how to stand up to the couch and walk along to get to the other side of the couch!

Also, ANNA is getting her first tooth!!! I can't see it yet, but I sure can feel it!

Last weekend, my mom, the babies and I went on a road trip to Branson. The ride there was FANTASTIC, everyone pretty much slept the whole way- but the ride back was difficult. Everyone pretty much cried the whole way and I pretty much rode turned around holding paci's the whole way. We had fun, though. Here are some pics...

Ayva sleeping with her lovie-bear.

My mom and me in the car.

My aunt Debbie with Justin.My cousin Ashley with Anna.Me and Ayva.
This is Ayva sleeping in the hotel. She was exhausted and almost NEVER sleeps on her back like this.

And on Monday, my grandpa and grandma and aunt came to see the babies. My aunt lives in CO and she hadn't seen them yet.

Here is my grandpa and Justin- Don't they look alike?? Both bald... It was so funny- I was wondering who he reminded me of, and when my grandpa took his hat off, I just started laughing!

This is my aunt suzie and all three of the babies.

This is one of all the babies and their great-grandparents.

My grandpa with both of the girls.

Another one of my grandpa with Justin.

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monica said...

The picture of the babies and great-grandparents is precious!