Wednesday, September 10, 2008


RUN...It's too late for me! Save yourselves! AAAHHH!

Boy was that scary! Those mixed garden veggies don't look too tasty going in....or going out!

I wanted to show everyone what I made (with some help from my mom). I am really excited about them and can't wait for it to be cold enough for them to wear.
They are little caplets and they are warm, soft fleece. I made Justi the hat also! Aren't they stinking adorable!

Also, last Sunday, was the Chiefs first game of the season and YOU KNOW I had to dress them in the approiate attire...

Also we went on a walk today with our "new" stroller. I finally broke down and got a triple stroller. It was just WAY too hard taking 2 strollers everywhere. This was our first walk around this neighborhood and I think it went very well. I got a great workout (three 16 lb. babies plus the stroller up hill) and they all seemed to enjoy being outside!


monica said...

Love the pictures!! You did such a great job on the cap and caplets! They look like they are so comfy and warm! Congrats on the new stroller. Have fun walking them around the neighborhood.

Big Sister said...

The Chiefs outfits are too cute! What sweet babies you have:)