Saturday, September 27, 2008


Everyone has teeth now!!! Last week I was watching Anna's tooth to see when it was going to come through. I could kind of feel it, but couldn't see it. Now today, AYVA is the one who has a tooth!! Hers is out and white, and sharp! She also has the one right beside it coming through also! Justin isn't too far behind, his is maybe a day away from being out and visible. My guess would have been Anna to get the first tooth, but I was totally wrong. I guess my middle child, Ayva, had to be first at something. Anna was born first, Justin crawled, talked and is cruising first, and little pumpkin Ayva, had the very "first" tooth!! Good for her! I will try to take pictures of them, but it has been proven very difficult. Coming along with those teeth are a bunch of BITERS!! All they do is bite stuff~ People's fingers, their own hands, each others hands (and feet), their clothes, blankets, their spoons. Ayva's tooth is SHARP! It really hurts when she bites you!!! She acts all innocent, like she won't bite you and then-BAM- she's clamped down on your finger and won't let go! It's like the pincher of a lobster or something!! I will try to get her on video doing that- it so funny (unless it's you she's biting)!

And now it's time for some random cuteness:
Justin trying to feed himself.
Justin standing up all by himself.




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