Friday, November 11, 2011

Nothing much going on

Our lives become pretty routine here at the Fields house when we don't have anything special going on.  The girls go to school, Justin and Camryn stay home with me and we either go grocery shopping or stay home and get some house chores done.  REPEAT.  But, November is proven to always be a super busy month.  First, there is my birthday (yesterday), then the Trio's birthday is on the 15th--I can't believe they are going to be 4 this year!!! and then Camryn's is on the 23rd and I REALLY can't believe she is going to be one! THEN, it's Thanksgiving the day after Cam's b-day (and also Big Justin's Mom's B-day).  Then there is Camryn's party on the 26th and don't forget Black Friday(I really want to go shopping this year!)  Usually I don't go shopping on BF, but I guess now that I'm old...(27) I feel it's necessary to get some holiday shopping done on this day.  It just sounds fun!  I want to (if we have the money to) get most of the kids presents and our parents presents done early.  I HATE procrastinating.  I want them bought and wrapped so I can admire them under our tree (which I would put up before Thanksgiving if I had a say in it......or if I could get it out of the garage by myself).

Anyone have any suggestions on BF shopping?  What stores to hit early?

And you all know I don't post anything w/o a picture, so here is a few of Justin from the other day. Hopefully I can get the kiddos to cooperate today and get the trio's 4 year pictures!  Then this weekend, I have a photo shoot with the beautiful Ms. Quinn for her 6 month pictures and then I'm hoping to get Camryn's cake smash 1 year pictures! I have to look up a milk/soy free cake recipe first :(

Here's Justin:
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