Tuesday, August 3, 2010


So, not much going on around here.
Ayva is doing very well. She is gaining strength back in her head/neck and is beginning to lift it off the ground now :) :) Here is a quick video of her showing her stuff:

She is happier since being off the Depakote but also a little more needy of me :/ Which is ok for now since the girls are on summer break from school--I'm hoping that we can kind of get that resolved before August 23rd-the first day of school.

She has yet another EEG next week on the 10th to see if the little startles she has when a loud noise scares her is anything or not. Then on the 11th both Anna and Ayva have eye Dr. appointments.

Anna is doing VERY well being off the one medicine she was on--Topamax. She is talking better, comprehending better and moving/balancing a little better!!! I am SUPER proud of her!! You can now ask her a yes or no question and she will either say "yeah" or shake her head "no". I will definitely have to try and get that on video :)
Also she is eating A TON!! The Topamax was a appetite suppressant and she was just maintaining a steady weight of 19 lbs for a long time. Now that she's been off for about a month and a half- SHE IS UP TO 21 LBS!!!!!!! She is eating a ton during each meal and is even requesting snacks (by whining until I feed her). She is walking great (with help still) and wants to follow Justin everywhere. She is very motivated so I think with time she will get it on her own!

Justin is doing great also! Potty training is excellent! He is in big boy underwear all day and only wears a diaper at night--he's a very heavy sleeper! :) He has definitely gotten to the stage of "mine" and doesn't want to share anything-with anyone. Everything is his, "My sit there" "My phone" "My drive the car". I am hoping this phase is short lived though :/

Baby Camryn is doing great also. I will be 23 weeks tomorrow and on Friday I have another ultrasound and hopefully I will have some pictures to show! :) I'm feeling ok, tired and hungry, but otherwise really good :) I can't wait until she is here-and am super excited to see how one baby is different than three at a time!!

Ok and now I will share a few pictures because I can't resist...

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And I only have one that isn't so good of Ayva recently-
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Annie said...

God bless your kids!!

Ayva is having a lot of progress. She is cute.