Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ayva's EEG results!

Dr. A finally called me today to tell me how Ayva's EEG looked (She had it on Tuesday). He said.... drum roll please........


She hasn't had it (knock on wood) for 5 months now!!! Since the seizures started, she has never been with out seizures for this long. I know I remember another time, not too long ago, where she almost died in the pursuit of seizure freedom.... you can start reading here if you're a new reader or forgot...(I know I tend to block out bad things).

She is still having another small type of seizure--so she's not entirely SF, but we will take no Infantile Spasms for now ;) He did say that it looked better than the last time so she will stay on her current regime of meds/Keto diet.

Yay! :)


Annie said...

Great news!!!

ferfischer said...

Yay for that! Let's hope it stays that way! IS are awful!

Doubly Blessed said...

Great news!