Sunday, May 3, 2009

March of Dimes Walk

Today was a beautiful day. We all had a great time at the March of Dimes Walk.
Here are the pictures I took today!!

L-R: Dee Dee, Justin, Janis, Sarah, Ashtin, Julie and Amy
strollers: Ayva, Justin, Anna, and Makenna

The kiddos with KC Wolf

Ayva is sleeping, and Justin and Anna are enjoying some cheetos!
Justin and Makenna holding hands :)

Thanks to all my peeps who came with us today. I think we did a good thing, and had a lot of fun, and hope everyone wants to do it again next year!


Sarah said...

Glad to hear (and see) that the walk went well!

Jessica said...

Your kiddos are too sweet!

Ashbrat said...

Hey, next year let me know when it is please. I'd LOVE to go!


jcleveland said...

It was very fun and Makenna and Justin holding hands are to cute.....