Saturday, May 2, 2009

Day 76 of ACTH

Ayva has been on ACTH for 76 days now. That's a little longer than we expected, but it's working. Dr. A had originally planned for her to be on it for 8 weeks, we are just now pushing 10. I haven't seen any seizures for about a week now, and I'm praying that when May 12th rolls around, and we start weaning off ACTH, that it will stay like that.

Here is a pic of Anna and Ayva laying next to each other. You can see how much bigger Ayva (on the right) looks than Anna. Her face is fuller and her belly is bigger.
**please ignore the food stained diaper on Anna. She is the messiest baby when she eats, so she's ALWAYS messy**

And here are just a few pics of Anna and Justin testing out the new triple stroller in our living room. They seemed to like it, and sort of fussed when it was time to get out!

Tomorrow is the big March for Babies walk!! We are super excited and hoping it doesn't rain. Keep your fingers crossed!! I will post pics when we get back!


Rachael said...

i hope your walk today went well!

may 12th is my birthday so you have to get good news!

Sarah said...

Hope you had nice weather for your walk!