Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What a HAIRY week it's been!

WELL, let me start off by saying, "I can't believe anyone could function without sleep!" ACTH has been a demon in the houshold and has done Ayva some good and some bad. Her BP was up so now she is on blood pressure medicine (and yesterday's BP check was excellent). It has made her have SEVERE joint pain and is on a stronger form of Motrin (it has made the screaming a little less). She also has ANOTHER ear infection in the same ear as last time and is on a medicine for that. AND, to top it all off, she has thrush from all the medicines!! Wonderful....right? Not to mention, she has had a bear of a time sleeping! Which meant, mommy didn't sleep either. I think I'm almost as exhausted as when they were little and waking up every three hours! Only this time Ayva was awake ALL night and then the other 2 were awake ALL day, and I was the only one to take care of them! BIG thanks to my mom for leaving work the other day and saving me!!! LOVE YOU MOM!!
We surprisingly had a Warranty on the Durango still and it will cover a BRAND NEW ENGINE! I am so excited! All we have to do is pay a $100 deductable and it should be done by Friday or Saturday!

Sunday is Kansas City's March for Babies Walk!!! We are SO excited to get to go this year. Last year, the kiddos were still a little too young, and I think it was a really cold day, but I can't really remember! LOL. A friend of Julie's is letting me borrow her triple jogging stroller for the occasion and I'm REALLY excited about that!! I will definatly post pics of our day! So far walking on TEAM FIELDS TRIPLETS is: Myself, Justin, the kiddos, my Mom- Janis, Julie and her neice Makenna (aka-Little Justin's girlfriend), and Amy. Hopefully some more people will join our team before Sunday!

And as always- Pics From This Week!!
Plus one from a long time ago that is just funny:



The sun was in her eyes. lol

So then I moved in to block it and she opened her eyes!

Silly girl!

Anna in her stander!

Justin and Anna fighting eachother! lol



monica said...

Great smiles. Good luck on the walk on Sunday!

Rachael said...

i hope that you have a wonderful walk on sunday!