Tuesday, April 7, 2009


WELL.....yesterday Ayva had a weight check and a blood pressure check at the pedi's office. The night previous to said appointment, all the kiddos were sporting fevers and runny noses. I decided to take all three to the pedi appointment (kind of last minute- I bet they loved that) and got them all checked out. Anna has a DOUBLE EAR INFECTION, and Ayva has an ear infection in her right ear, and Justin is just...well....Justin. He has a runny nose and is crabby and has a fever, but he is also gettin all 4 of his one year molars at the same time. Poor babies! Not to mention that yesterday was filled with all sorts of other things that all demanded my attention- My mom locked her keys in her car at the DMV, then the Canada Pharmacy where we get one of Ayva's medicines called and said they can no longer send us that medicine unless we were being seen by a Dr. IN Canada (Which obviously we're not). She only has 7 days left of that medicine, so we had to rush and find another place to send us some. We finally found another pharmacy in Canada, but they can't get it here any quicker than 8-12 days AFTER it goes through the pharmacy, which could be a day or two. SO we were pretty much screwed, but after the Neurologist found a "friend" who might have some extra to hold us over until we get our new supply, we think we might make it! Hopefully. But if that doesn't work, then we could always start giving her half doses until the medicine arrives, and then go back up to full doses.

Today on the agenda includes a visit at our house from the OT, and an outing to CCVI for the girls' vision therapy. Our beloved SI, Amanda, had broken her ankle a few weeks back and needed surgery to fix it. She's been gone a few weeks, which has left us without a SI, so we were more than happy to go and see her! Thankfully, I have my sister in law, Ashtin, to help me cart/lug babies around! Thanks again Ashtin!

AND as a last note: Today officially marks the ONE WEEK LEFT of full ACTH shots. April 14th Ayva has and EEG to see if the increase of ACTH made the other half of her little brain go back to normal as well. So after the 14th we will be weaning off the ACTH. Please keep her in your thoughts, because we have heard that it can sometimes be rough for little ones weaning off ACTH. It makes them not want to eat AT ALL, and we cannot afford for our tiny 18 lb Ayva to lose anymore weight!

AND since I didn't put up the kiddos stats from the last pedi appointment here is their weights as of yesterday (keep in mind that they have been sick and not eating as much as they normally do):

Anna: the smallest 17 lbs, 3 oz. She lost :(

Ayva: the in-betweener 18 lbs, 4 oz. She gained 1 lb in 2 weeks

Justin: the biggest (not my much) 18 lbs, 5 oz.

We need to get these kiddos FATTENED UP!

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