Sunday, April 5, 2009

I'm back!

It's been over a week since I've posted.....sorry. The kids were all sick w/ fevers and then they gave it to me- but of course it wasn't just a fever, it was worse. THEN, when I got better the girls got fevers again and last night Justin got a fever again! Will this ever end??? I hope so! AND SOON!!!

Otherwise, everything is going well. The girls got their new stander last Friday, and they really like it and do well in it. It's pink and as cute as one could get, I suppose. In a couple of weeks we should be getting their chairs and that will help me out a TON! I will try to post a pic of the stander when I get a chance.

On to the seizure news....Ayva is doing MUCH better! The increase of ACTH is working for her. Some days she only has "one" or two and since that is better than 20+ then I say it's working. (What I mean by "one" is that sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between an acutal seizure or just her being startled). She will be on ACTH until April 14th, when she will have another EEG and Dr. A will have to start weaning her off of it. We are all hoping that by then she will be completly seizure free!!!! Keep us in your thoughts, please!

Now, for some pictures....

Justin eating Trix yougurt all by himself......and very proud of it too! :)
Daddy and Justin in front of the Fire Truck at Grandma's work.

Yesterday, it was finally nice enough to take the kiddos outside to swing.

AnnaNotice the lingering snotty nose....


Alisha said...

Such cuties! Praying for her to be seizure free!

Annie said...

I'm sorry that everyone are sick. Hope that all of you feel better soon.

Great news about Ayva.

The pictures are fabulous. I love the one with Justin eating yogurt.

Have a nice week.

monica said...

Look slike they are having fun swinging! Good luck on the seizure stuff!