Saturday, May 3, 2008

Our New House!!!

Here is the new house!!!

Justin standing in the living room (we are going to switch the living room and the dining room.) So this will be our dining room.

This is the Kitchen. We are taking down the fruit wallpaper and painting it red and putting up all my chef things. I have a chef theme going.

And this is a pic of the island in the kitchen.

This is the dining room- or soon to be living room. The top half is going to be painted a sort of grey color and the bottom half is going to be red.

Another view of the living room.

This is the giant yard. This pic is after the patio so there is patio right off the house and like 30 ft. after patio is this yard!

Another view of the house from the side yard.

And this is our bedroom. My grandma is letting us keep the bed- but not the bedspread. A KING SIZE BED! HALLELULAH!!!!!!!!!!!

And another view of our bedroom.
I am SO excited! We can start to paint and move in after the house has been appraised, which is happening this up coming week! Which is good because I wanted to have a BBQ for the babies 1/2 year birthday
sometime soon. They will be 6 months on May 15th!!! They are getting so big so fast!


The Wilsons said...

Congrats on the new purchase!!! It looks really nice!

Pam said...

ooooh lucky! that's going to be a great house for your family. i'd kill for that kitchen and bedroom. have fun decorating!