Friday, September 16, 2011


WELL... I called to get Camryn an allergy appointment due to the horrible eczema rash she has been sporting for way too long.  They had a cancellation and could get us in on Wednesday.  I took her and they agreed that it is definitely something and decided to test her blood for a milk/soy allergy.  After 4 hours in the doctor room and the outpatient lab (that's a whole nother story as to why we were there so long!) We left w/ some skin care routines in mind and they said I should call on Monday for the blood test results.
   They called me on Thursday and said she does in fact have an allergy to milk and soy.  Great- that's one more thing I need to worry about.  Anyway they tell me to switch her to Nutramigen, not to feed her anything w/ milk or soy and to put some medicines on her as prescribed.  Today- Her skin seems less rashy and she is less itchy.  Here is a pic of her in her long sleeves, hat and tights to keep her medicine on
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And here is a pic of one of her rashy-ier spots that I took on Wednesday at the doctor.
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And one where you can see the redness around her eyes and under chin around her neck.
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THEN- Thursday we had a follow up appointment for Ayva at the Neuro.  She weighs 22lbs. which is really, REALLY small for an almost 4 year old.  They are increasing her calories and adjusting her Keto Diet to help w/ weight gain and seizure control.  She is still having about 2 seizures a day, so hopefully when we get the new formula in the mail, we can get those last few seizures to hit the road.  She was in a pretty good mood that day- smiley as you can see
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Hopefully things get better from here on out--because I'm seriously tired of one step forward, ten steps back.


Krystle said...

Oh no! Can I ask, did her rash start out all over her body, or was it localized ?

Morgan has this rash but seems to just be on her face, and is similar to just baby acne..but you can tell it's something more going on.

I pray to GOD it's not a milk allergy, because we had to buy that for Peyton for a short period of time & it is SO expensive.

I assume they did the labwork testing, instead of the skin test?

They always insist on the skin test for Peyton, but maybe I could get M in and have them do the labwork version...hmmm.

And you weren't kidding about all smiles at the neuro appointment!

Here's to hoping you kick those seizures butts! HARD!

Sarah said...

It started out on her leg and elbow and then gradually spread to her whole body. I think the more milk/soy she consumed, the worse the eczema got. I think that if you ask for the blood work version of the allergy test, they will do it--they did it that way for Camryn b/c she didn't have one rash free spot to do the scratch test!