Saturday, June 13, 2009

Day 47 of seizure freedom!

Today Ayva has been seizure free for 47 days. These days have been WONDERFUL! I can't even remember what it was like to watch her have seizures all day (I do, really, but let myself forget). I am so happy that she was able to overcome this obstacle and is on the road to rehabilation. She has quite a way to go, but she has wonderful therapists and I just know in my heart that she will get there! Every little milestone we will celebrate like no tomorrow!!!

And since I posted how long Ayva has been seizure free, I thought it only fair to post how long Anna has been seizure free too!!!
287 DAYS!!! Can you believe that!! It was August 29th, 2008 that we got a follow-up EEG that told us Anna wasn't having seizures anymore (although we didn't see her have any for a week before that!).

We had a sick boy in the house yesterday. He NEVER just lays on the couch and doesn't play. But that is what he did yesterday. He just laid there. So right away I knew something was up. Then the puking began. He puked like 4 times yesterday. I gave hime some motrin and some juice and he slept all night. He woke up this morning in a MUCH better mood. He drank some more juice and is playing today. I hope it was just a 24 hour thing.


monica said...

Yay for siezure free girls!! I hope Justin feels better soon!

blogzilly said...

Super to hear that the seizures are still a thing of the past!

LizGorman said...

Your story continues to inspire me. Maddie is on ACTH now and I am hoping she gets a similar result (hopefully without the hospital drama). I honestly do not know how you do it with 3 at a time! Amazing. Congrats on Ayva's 47 days! And Anna's almost year!