Tuesday, June 16, 2009

19 Months!

The babies turned 19 months yesterday. I can't believe they are only 5 months away from being TWO!! Where did the time go??

Really not all that much going on around here. The girls will be fitted for new braces on Friday.

Ayva is doing better, she still is working on getting her appetite back and losing all the weight (mainly in her face) from the ACTH. She is still seizure free-WAHOO!! And she is starting to smile, coo, look around, and move her arms, legs and head more. I am so proud of her!

Anna is doing great! She is army crawling (and has been for some time!) and is just starting to get up on all fours! Last Thursday in therapy she took two steps cruising along the couch to get a ball that she saw! That's big stuff for her!! She is SOOOOOO close to sitting, but gets distracted by her feet (she always wants to bite her toes so she just leans over and bites them instead of sitting!). She is working on getting into a sitting position and laying down w/o falling down, and is doing quite well! She is talking up a storm and is copying lots of things we are saying!

Anna w/ her shampoo-doo

Aunt Ashtin shows us her new way of carrying a baby...

Justin is ALL.OVER.THE.PLACE. He is climbing on everything. He says a ton of words, and has just added "Ah-tee" or Ashtin to his vocabulary. He likes to eat, but only when he is feeding himself and is somewhat resembles what you are eating. He listens SOO well (when he wants to). Yesterday I told him to take off his socks and he did, then I told him to take off Anna's socks, and he did. And then I told him to take a paci to Ayva and he took it over and put it in her mouth for her!

He climbed up there all by himself!

He LOVES giving kisses. Especially to Ayva. Ever since she came home from the hospital he gives her at least 10 kisses a day!

We got Justin a "Harness Buddy"- aka. a baby leash yesterday. It looks like a monkey backpack. I always told myself that I would never buy a baby leash. Well life with multiples doesn't really work well with two who can't walk and one that wants to. SO he gets what he wants- to walk, and I get what I want- holding onto him so I don't have to chase him!


Sarah said...

Glad to hear that they are all doing well. We have the "Backpack Buddies" as well. We don't have enough hands!!

Annie said...

Times flies very fast. Wow, I can't believe they are 19 months.