Saturday, March 7, 2009

Outside time!

Yesterday it was 75 degrees or so, so we decided to go outside for a bit. Unfortunatly, Ayva fell asleep when it was time to go outside, so she stayed inside and slept and only Anna and Justin went out. And since Ayva was inside sleeping in her crib, we only stayed out for a few minutes. They liked it though. I can't wait to take them out more!


Anna with her sunglasses on

You can see it didn't last long

Justin inspecting the dirt

He found a shell in the dirt

**Update on Ayva** She had a follow up EEG on Thursday and it was slightly better. Dr. A increased her ACTH and she will have another EEG on the 24th. "If", and I really hope it won't happen, but, "if" she has not improved like he wants, then he will increase her ACTH one more time for the course of the treatment. Please keep her in your thoughts and hope this works!!!!!


Rachael said...

we enjoyed some time outside as well over the past few days, it was so wonderful to get the fresh air + sunshine. cute pictures. prayers for ayva.

monica said...

Best wishes this week for Avya! I am glad the weatehr was nice two take the two outside! Great pictures!

The Eadle Family said...

Wow, the weather looks wonderful there! Hope she gets better soon!