Friday, March 20, 2009

Nothing too interesting...

Well.... the only news I have for today is that the girls will be getting a stander of their very own this Friday. It is pink and cute (as much as a big bulky device to help you learn to stand could be). And in a couple of weeks they should get their chairs! So pretty soon we will be a house full of therapy equipment. Oh well. Whatever helps!

Also, Ayva has another EEG appointment on the 24th, and we are praying for some good news. I think I have seen less seizures since the ACTH increase, but I will wait for the results from the EEG to feel hopeful about it. I also made a button at the top left that says please pray for Ayva (it just brings you to this blog, nothing too spectacular).

So in this very short post, I leave you with a few pictures of my wonderful kiddos.
Justin- He took all the shoes out of this box, (that I was *trying* to hide behind the chair) and decided to sit in it! Silly boy!
I found this hat that someone had given us for Justin, he only kept it on for about 2 seconds.
Anna, ready for bed after a CRABBY day!
And I couldn't leave little Avie out of the mix, so this picture is from the other day when we went outside.

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The Eadle Family said...

I will add your button to my blog! What cuties!