Thursday, February 9, 2012

iPhone Photo Dump

Not much new going on around here.  Still patiently waiting for Anna's power wheelchair to arrive.  It should be  I haven't taken any recent pics of the kiddos, so an iPhone picture post will have to do for now ;)
Anna deep in thought w/ my glasses on

Hipster baby

Silly girl

Justin showing off his picture he made! Thanks Ms. Stef for sending it!

Justin and Anna at Sesame Street Live

Anna was so enthralled w/ the stage and lights!

Justin during intermission

Anna, Justin and Mommy

Anna ready for a Dr. appointment

Camryn and her bruised eye- from running into the highchair leg

You can never be too safe!

For as much as she falls down, a helmet is almost needed

He fell asleep w/ the iPad in his lap

Anna standing on her trampoline :)

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