Friday, November 26, 2010

Welcome Baby Camryn!!

On Monday I was SO sick... I had some 24 hour stomach bug. Tuesday I woke up and felt SO much better in the puking/pooping department and I had what was to be my last OB appointment, u/s, and NST. I started to have pains in my lower abdomen but just thought it was nothing or a UTI (I never felt contractions before). So I make it to my appointment, made it through the NST and I thought there weren't any contractions (come to find out later in the appt that they were contractions). Next I had a BPP to see how big she was and that was HORRIBLE! She wasn't moving very much on the NST, so I had to lay an extra long time to make sure she was ok. The u/s tech was pushing on my belly and it hurt so effin bad. After like 30 minutes of that she moved enough and then I had my appt in the room with the OB. I waited for like 20 minutes and she finally walks in (I was dying at this point). She checks me and says "OH're dilated to 4 and are 90% effaced!". I was like WHA????? Wow. She asked me if today would be a bad day to have a baby and I was like NOPE! Since I was so sick the day before I hadn't eaten since Sunday so I ran home, met DH there (my mom was already watching the kids) and we went to the hospital where they checked me again at 12:30 pm and I was dilated to a 5 and was 100% effaced!

Waiting for all the prep work for the c/s was miserable! I was so dehydrated from the 24 stomach bug, they had to call in anesthesia to do my IV and couldn't give me any pain meds until I had at least THREE bags of fluid! It was so painful!! :'(

At 1:30 I finally had 3 bags of fluid rushed in and was ready to go to the OR. They took me back, did my spinal (which I didn't have last time b/c it was an emergency). The spinal was a piece of cake compared to the contractions! I laid down and they started the c/s. DH came in shortly after and he sat my my head. I was freezing so they brought me a warm blanket and wrapped it around my head.

At 2:16 pm Camryn Paige was born! She weighed 7 lbs 7 oz and was 19 in. long! She came out crying and it was the best noise I have ever heard in my life. I didn't get to see/hear any of the triplets being born, so this was wonderful. She did great and got all 9's on her Apgars and then they tested her sugar and it was low so she had to go to the nursery after a while (my surgery took about 2 hours). I started to feel pain after a while b/c I had my tubes tied and the OB was fixing an adhesion that formed after my last c/s. She said she was glad that I didn't try for a VBAC b/c my ute was so thin where the last incision was it would have burst open for sure :( They gave me 2 rounds of demerol and I started to feel a little better, but very dizzy. Finally around 4 something they were done and I got stiched up.

I was wheeled back to my room w/o Camryn and after a little while they brought her in. DH fed her a bottle to get her sugar up and my family and the kids came in. Justin fell in love with her instantly. He wanted to hold her and feed her and kept calling her "My baby Camryn". It was SO cute. The girls are a little indifferent to her but that's ok. She ate just enough to where her sugars went up and she didn't have to go the NICU. They have been fine ever since.

My sugars are still high, so I am still on the blood sugar pill--not the insulin. Recovery was pretty good. They let me go home yesterday I've been doing ok...

I came home to both of the big girls being sick (probably my 24 hour stomach bug :() and my mom stayed around to help which was SO nice since I couldn't lift anyone. Justin is still not sick (knock on wood).

Here are a few pics!!
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Annie said...

Congrats Sarah!!!

Cute baby girl.

Lindsi said...

congrats Sara! She is soooooooooooooo precious! Enjoy your new addition!

happy's mommy said...

Holy Moly...I SWEAR she's smiling at daddy! Beautiful pictures! I'm SO happy for you guys...enjoy...AND REST!



Gina said...

Congratualtions to you! I stumbled upon your blog from a few other pages but wanted to say Congrats, I too have a Camryn Paige she was born April of 2009. Enjoy your little one!