Thursday, February 11, 2010

Started the Ketogenic Diet- our hospital recap

We called Monday morning and the hospital said her room was ready. So we leave and head straight to the lab, which they told me to do before we checked in. There were no orders for her labs, so that took an hour. THEN, we walk over to admissions where they tell me to have a seat while she calls upstairs to see if her room is ready. Two hours later I'm gold that there was a mistake and we have to share a room with another family. We get up to her room and the other family is already there and has already taken the side of the room with the bed, the bathroom, the tv and the window. O-K...all I had was her crib a chair (which was also my "bed") and a TINY space for my feet! The other baby cried ALL.NIGHT.LONG. And since I was "sleeping" in a chair that had no room to recline, I got no sleep. I complained to the hospitals patient advocate and she tells me she's sorry, gives me a gift bag (which consists of a St.Patricks Day face stamp, some Christmas tissues and a few snacks) and says nothing can be done. Great. Later that day, the other family starts yelling at the nurses and they tell me I can move into a room with another kid and get a bed. So I moved. This new kid cries all night, his mom isn't there because she has other kids and they aren't allowed in the room, and has six monitors going off all night. The next day they say I can move again into a room that as of now had no room mate, but they couldn't guarentee that someone wouldn't be put in with us later. So we move again! And here we are, waiting to be discharged, in a room by ourselves. Ayva has done really well with the transition onto the diet. She didn't get sick and we have high hopes that this is the answer for our brave princess. Thanks to everyone who kept her in your thoughts this week! I will post some pics when we get home!

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catherine said...

Boy, you guys were put through the wringer! I really hope this diet is the answer we've all been praying for. Continue to stay strong. You guys will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.