Thursday, January 28, 2010

Just a short post to catch up

Ayva had another EEG yesterday which still showed her having hypssarythmia (which is the abnormal brain wave pattern associated with Infantile Spasms). And even though we aren't noticing really any "seizures" , her neuro wants to change things up. On Monday February 8th she will be admitted into Children's Mercy Hospital and begin the Ketogenic Diet. It's basically a stricter form of the Atkins Diet and hopefully this change will help my sweet princess become seizure free!!! We really need a break, so we are all hoping that this is our miracle ticket. I will update again when I know some more about it/ or when we get there.

In Anna news, we are still waiting for the arrival of her KidWalk gait trainer (aka a walker). I am super excited about it and cannot wait to see her walk in it!

In Justin news, we have started POTTY TRAINING!!!! We are on day 4 now and I think he is getting the hang of it. I had quite a few appointments this week, so it probably wasn't the best week to start, but he's still doing pretty good- considering he's a boy and is very easily distracted.

IN EVERYONE NEWS, the kiddos are going to start SCHOOL next week! They will all be attending the Children's Center for the Visually Impaired. The girls will get most of their therapies there and Justin will get to go as a peer!


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Sounds like things are going well!! we are supposed to be getting a gait trainer too before long! youll have to post pics when you get anna's!!!