Monday, January 26, 2009

An update of sorts...

Well there is not really that much that is new in our lives. Justin is walking SO WELL now. It's like one day he just "got it" and has been walking all.the.time! Anna is doing good, she is practicing sitting up and is a pro at rolling over and then scooting forward to get to a toy she wants. Her vision is improving and she has started to reach for more things. Ayva is also doing good, she is tolerating her back more and she loves to be in her stander. She is building up her stamnia for longer therapy sessions and the medicine has helped but has not made her seizures go completly away (i keep telling myself "this is the last seizure" and hopefully one day it will be).

Anyways here are some pics- OH I ALMOST FORGOT! Tonight the kiddos had a bath in the big boy/girl bathtub!! I finally got some bath seats for the girls and they liked it **well not Ayva so much b/c she was crying even before she got into the tub** Here are some pics of them in the tub.


Justin. **the boy loves his duckies**


And also some random pics from earlier today.
Justin has learned how to hold the phone up to his ear and "talk".

Anna playing on the floor.

Ayva sleeping VERY soundly on the couch.

Justin sleeping in his bed w/ his foot out.

Thursday the girls have appointments at CMH and I'll update on that after it happens. I hope everyone has a wonderful TUESDAY!!

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